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H.L. Leonard model #24

0003: Leonard, #24, Varnished 6-strip bamboo fly rod. 9'6" 3/1, for #5 line. 4-5/8 oz. Nickel-silver slide band reelseat stamped with the Mills Co. 'Standard' logo stamped on the back. Narrow 3/8" cork rings grip. Swelled butt with Leonard signature wraps. Nickel-silver winding check. Bright nickel-silver ferrules. Black snake guides, Chinese Red silk wraps with red intermediates. No hook keeper. Replacement bag and tube. Mid down 1". Factory replacement tip has well fitting different style ferrule.

This veteran looks great - the signature wraps are amazing! Refinished. $420

Leonard #24 Leonard #24

Leonard #24 Leonard #24

Leonard #24