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Heddon #6, "Jim Heddon's Favorite" Bait Casting rod.

[ SOLD ] 0100: Heddon #6, Bait Casting rod.(c1918-27) 4-1/2', 2/1. Staggered ferrule design. Rare is the original (spiral) Heddon name and Model # well preserved on the rod shaft. The 2-1/4" cork fore grip and 4-1/2" cork rear grip are nearly perfect and are clean. The signature and guide wraps are Red and there are numerous red and orange intermediates. The guides and tiptop are NS with agate inserts and all appear sound. Sewn into the original, as-new, Olive-drab bag, in Goldenrod lettering on a black tag, is the famous and familiar:

"Heddon Rod, Tempered Bamboo, Split,-Not sawed, A Genuine Dowagiac" and, under the Heddons Leaping Bass,
"Heddon-Made- Well Made"

The tag is PERFECT! Adjacent to the tag a previous owner has neatly hand-printed in 1/4" block letters his/her "E.F.B." initials in black ink. The two tie cords look as if they were made just yesterday!

The precison made "Hold-Fast", nickel-silver reel seat is stamped "HEDDON MADE IN THE USA PATENT 1624052", (issued APR.12,1927), and is in excellent un-molested condition. The butt check is an excellent nickel-silver cap and there is a nickel-silver, tapered, hosel (winding check). The butt joint measures 20-1/4 inch, while the tip joint measures 35 inches. Assembled the rod is straight and right at 4-1/2 feet.

The aluminum storage tube is original and has a nickel-plated-brass twist-cap marked with "James Heddon's Sons,Dowagiac, Mich". The cap does have five small stress cracks, but closes well although I woul;d not think itis waterproof. The several heavy coats of rod varnish have been chemically removed and replaced by several coats of modern-day UV resistant Spar varnish. The lettering remains as issued, bringing this rod back to vintage original condition.

This is a scarce if not rare Heddon made rod in like new condition and is thus worthy of this long description. The rod with its accessories would make a terrific display or as a minimum present an opportunity to add "Bragging Rights" to your Heddons collection. Listed at $22.00 in 1927, this rod would have a suggested retail price of $320 in today's dollars.

Due to its originality, rarity, and being "Jim Heddon's Favorite" in refinished condition of excellent - I feel it warrants a premium, but fair price. $

Heddon #6 Heddon #6

Heddon #6 Heddon #6 Heddon #6