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S. Allcocks & Co. Ltd, "Reddich, Eng"

[ SOLD ] 0101: S. Allcocks & Co. Ltd, "Reddich, Eng". Varnished 6-strip bamboo fly rod. 8', 3/1 for #4/5 line, 4.2 ozs. 6-3/4" full-Wells cork grip leads to an aluminum slide band over a full cork spacer. Nickel-silver stripper guide with genuine Agate insert in excellent condition. Oxidized machined nickel-silver ferrules all fit well and have the requisite "pop" when seperated. Hardened steel English-twist snake guides and English style nickel-silver frame tiptop with an excellent Agate insert. A flip-ring hook-keeper. Dark green wraps and full intermediates, also dark green, under what appears to be original, and very nice varnish. Original divided canvas bag. A quality storage case is available. All joints are very straight. The tip joint is down by ~1/2" perhaps from a tiptop reset.

This eight-foot fly rod weighs a mere 4.2 ounces. Although the grip has been cleaned and is slightly ridged it is still comfortable in the hand. The makers logo is stamped into the aluminum butt cap, and the rod has a, typically English, wood butt button.

A handsome English built trout fly rod from a respected maker, known more for its line of 'coarse' (carp) fishing gear. Nice parabolic action (full-flex in American terms). The rod appears all original as made. You would be hard pressed to find a quality 8-foot American built split bamboo weighing just 4.2 oz.s at anywhere near this price. It'll be a pleasure to fish this lightweight all day, wipe it down, and put it back with your collection of other fine rods. Very good-Exc. $

Allcocks split bamboo flyrod Allcocks split bamboo flyrod

Allcocks split bamboo flyrod Allcocks split bamboo flyrod