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Horrocks-Ibbotson UTK, Combination Travel Rod

0109: Horrocks-Ibbotson UTK, Combination Travel Rod, Varnished wood. c.1906-1919. 7/2 with various configurations. N/S fittings, cord wrapped grip. Red wraps tipped black w/red/green intermediates. Original bag, no tube. The fly rod tip appears to be down 1.5". Unique & rare travel rod From H-I. Bait/spin/fly, with stamped reelseat "H-T-K" in diamond, and "MRCH 6:'06" patent date. Missing just a few of the approximately 136 intermediates. Includes two metal ferrule plugs.

The rod handle has storage for the trigger (that screws into the back of the reel seat) and an adapter ferrule that allows several other set-ups. The handle assembly can be configured to support spin fishing, fly fishing, bait casting, ice fishing? and can even be configured with a fighting butt extension (salmon fishing?). There are so many ways that this set of rod joints can be configured for fishing that one can only guess without a manual or user's guide! Really fine quality components as well.

Highly collectable due to condition and rarity with excellent rod finish and a grip that looks as new. All of the hardware looks sound and will polish out nicely. Except for a couple intemediates that need attention the rod would be rated excellent.

You will have to look long and hard to find another example like this rod in this nice condition. Very good+. $235

H-I Travel Rod H-I Travel Rod
H-I Travel Rod H-I Travel Rod
H-I Travel Rod
H-I Travel Rod H-I Travel Rod H-I Travel Rod H-I Travel Rod H-I Travel Rod