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Niedbalski, Custom Ultralite

0144: Niedbalski, Custom Ultralite, Varnished 6 strip bamboo flyrod. 6', 2/1. for #3/4 line. Cortland Co. reel seat with Alum. slide rings over cork spacer. Dainty 5" cigar cork grip. Chrome snake guides, Burgundy wraps, sans tipping. Sparse intermediates in Burgundy. Nickel plated brass ferrules. No hook keeper. The full-length joints are straight. Weighing just two and two-thirds ounces this is a marvelous small stream fishing rod reborn from English-made blanks.

A contemporary re-build with a traditional look. This ultra-light bamboo fishing rod will magnify the excitement of pan, or small stream fishing. Refinished. $275

0144:Niedbalski, Custom Ultralite 0144:Niedbalski, Custom Ultralite
#0144: Custom Ultralite, Varnished 6 strip bamboo flyrod. 6' 2/1.