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Shakespeare model A1362-9

0149: Shakespeare model A1362-9, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 9',3/2, for #6 wt. All original hardware and black plastic, internal up-locking reelseat. 5-1/2" hammer cork grip. Bronzed snakes and carbide stripper guide. Wrapped with varigated colors sans tipping. Ring and strap hookkeeper. The "Honor Built" decal (50%) and model# are on the shaft. This rod has been professionally refinished using period thread colors. All joints are the proper length and straight. Assembled, the rod shows minor sagging as you would expect from a 70 year old veteran nine-footer. The rod comes with a good 'period' bag which is probably not original. A quality storage case is available.

Overall, this rod looks extremely nice and will make a great display, but should also fish bugs and streamers well. Excellent, refinished. $145.

#0149a: Shakespeare model A1362-9, 3/2 #0149b: Shakespeare model A1362-9, 3/2
#0149c: Shakespeare model A1362-9, 3/2