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Heddon, #20, Bill Stanley's Favorite

[ SOLD ] 0188: Heddon, #20, Bill Stanley's Favorite. Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 9', 3/2 for HCH or D, (#6 line). 2-1/2 ferrule. Nickel silver down-lock reelseat with marbelized tenite spacer, 6-3/4" half-Wells cork grip. Japanned nickel silver stripper and ferrules. Bronzed snake guides, garnet wraps no tipping. Wound-over winding check which usage resumed after 1950. Flip ring hook keeper. Mid-butt medallion wraps. Excellent original labeled bag, brand new Landmark tube.

According to the Heddon catalog, "The late William E. Stanley", "winner of world's casting championships" purportedly said: "Best ever is the only way to describe a Heddon Rod".

This 'Bass weight' 5-1/4 to 5-3/4 ounce rod is identified by the shaft markings. Model and line weight data on one flat, with the (post 1948) 'Heddon' name lettered on just one flat, and 'Bill Stanley's Favorite' scripted on a third flat. Note: On some Heddon models the hang tag recommended that the owner apply a coat of varnish every now and then to maintain the rod.

Here's an opportunity to own and fish a beautiful Heddon nine-footer with enough power to push large Bass bugs through the air, plus enough length to minimize drag for a easier line pick up and proper lure presentation.

All joints proper length and straight. Excellent cork grip with no hook damage. This rod has been professionally refinished over original fittings and silks.

Very attractive addition to your Heddon collection or take it out fishing for that trophy Bass. The rod looks new. Excellent. $

Bill Stanley's Favorite Bill Stanley's Favorite
Bill Stanley's Favorite Bill Stanley's Favorite
Bill Stanley's Favorite