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Montague Flash

0191: Montague Flash, Varnished 6-strip bamboo fly rod. 8-1/2', 3/2, 6 oz. for #6 line. Chrome plated 'Titelock' reelseat. Excellent 6" full-Wells cork grip. Chrome plated ferrules, tungsten steel snake guides, and a bronzed stripper guide. Of no consequence is the cracked hosel (winding check). Red wraps tipped white (now aged to gold). Strap & ring hook-keeper.

The butt ferrule station is a brand-new machined chrome/nickel ferrule set providing a highly reliable junction. The mid-to-tip factory pinned ferrules are re-enforced with guide-wrap-matching nylon. Micro-cracks exist but should not affect service. One tip joint had a new tiptop installed and is now ~1/4" shorter.

The rod comes in a plush unlabeled bag (original?) in the original cardboard tube that is in good condition having been damaged at one time and now repaired. Virtually complete model labels on this veteran tube identify the rod as 'Medium Trout' action.

This beautiful circa 1952 flamed 'Medium Trout' rod has a virtually intact decal and based on overall condition I would say this rod has lived a pampered life. A couple professional guide re-wraps and the aforementioned ferrule work should make throwing a weighted 'Woolly-Bugger' on a WF line an easy job for this shorter-length Montague Flash. VG-Exc. $170

Montague Flash bamboo Montague Flash bamboo
Montague Flash bamboo Montague Flash bamboo
Montague Flash bamboo