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Heddon Dowagiac bamboo baitcasting rod

[ SOLD ] 0213: Heddon Dowagiac bamboo baitcasting rod, varnished 6-strip bamboo casting rod. 5-1/2', 2/1, 4-1/2 oz., Bright chrome twist-lock reel seat stamped "Heddon's". The rear, 5-1/2", cork grip is the 'Tournament style' grip and the fore-grip is 2", both solid cork. Nickel-silver ferrules, guide supports, hosel (winding check), and butt cap. Classic, genuine Agate insert, casting guides. The major wraps are red with red and orange intermediates and black accent wraps. No hook keeper - as built. The Dowagiac Leaping Bass decal shows the head and tail clearly but the rest is mostly just a recognizable outline of the fish's body. The original bag still has the Heddon's 'Dowagiac' paper label, sans rod data. (possibly faded away?) No case included, but a quality storage case is available.

The staggered-ferrule design puts the butt joint at ~32", and the tip joint at ~35". Seated together they measure 5-1/2 feet. This is a higher quality Heddon baitcaster with all nickel-silver/Agate mountings and nice cane. This veteran baitcaster is ready to display or with your level-wind reel mounted, go out and tame a few Bass. The varnish has a patina commensurate with its age. Overall, a very nice Heddon's rod in very good condition. $

Heddon Dowagiac Heddon Dowagiac
Heddon Dowagiac Heddon Dowagiac Heddon Dowagiac
Heddon Dowagiac