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Stubby Rod and Reel

0222: American Display Co. 'Stubby Rod and Reel' metal rod, 23" long, 15 ounces. 2 piece metal rod with a hollow wood(?) rear grip. Chrome plated metal off-set reel mount with adjustable drag and thumb brake rease lever. Marked "American Display Co. Stubby", patent date and other information. 3-1/2 inch perforated, removable spool on a ball bearing. Removable 12-inch long solid metal shaft with ornate offset tip-top. Excellent "Stubby & Reel" decal on rear handle. No hook keeper. Missing the setting pin which I beleive was stored in the hollow handle. For the Ohio Collector.

The Stubby Rod and Reel - "A Complete Fishing Outfit", Patented Oct. 4, 1921 is shown in a 1932 advertisement below. Perhaps the first instance of a casting reel with a disc drag? or the model for the famed pocket fisherman?. The thumb release allows the reel to free spool.

At $1.65 in 1932, it would cost about $26.50 today due to inflation alone, a real bargain based on the complexity of this rod and reel combination. I haven't seen many of these offered for sale in the past 37 years. A scarce 'must-have' collectable. Very good +. $95

Stubby casting rod
Stubby casting rod Stubby casting rod
Stubby casting rod Stubby casting rod