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Heddon #10

0227: Heddon, #10, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 8-1/2', 2-1/2F, 3/2, for #6 line (HCH or D). 4-3/4 oz. Nickel-silver down-locking reelseat with PAT.#1807078 stamped in the screw ring. Cream marblized Pyralin (celluloid) spacer. 7", excellent, 'cigar' cork grip. Excellent bright nickel-silver rolled welt ferrules. Bronzed snake guides and a chrome stripper guide. Strap and ring hook keeper. Black/Yellow Jasper wraps with no tipping. Strap and ring hook keeper. The well cared for original bag has a legible hang tag. The original tube has had some minor repair work but still has the Heddon factory label and screw lid. All joints proper length and factory straight.

The rod looks to be completely original except for a varnish touchup on one snake guide. Beautiful browntone cane with very good to excellent, original, varnish. Based on the lack of line rub in the loops of either tiptop I would say that this rod has seen very little use. A beautiful example of a Heddon #10 split-bamboo fishing rod that based on the data markings on the shaft was likely produced in the mid-1940s. This rod could easily fit into a fine Heddon rod collection, or better yet, grace a trout stream - with grace. Shorter length Heddons are becoming harder to find - especially unmolested examples such as this one. Excellent. $350

Heddons #10 Heddons #10
Heddons #10 Heddons #10
Heddons #10
Heddons #10 Heddons #10 Heddons #10