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Heddon Dowagiac casting rod.

[ SOLD ] 0234: Heddon Dowagiac, 6-strip bamboo casting rod. 5', 2/1, 5 oz. Very good cigar shaped solid cork rear grip and 2" solid cork fore-grip. Nickel-silver hosel (winding check). The reel seat is Heddon's patented locking reel band in nickel-silver with attached trigger. (Reel seat marked "HEDDON'S MADE IN U.S.A") No hook-keep, as sold. Excellent bright nickel-silver ferrules with patina. Red guide wraps and red and black intermediates. All guides and tiptop are Nickel-silver with genuine Agate inserts. Staggered ferrule design for smooth action. Custom made, sectioned, labeled canvas bag available.

The staggered joint configuration was developed by Heddon to give shorter rods a fuller, smoother 'action'. The ferrule, being a stopping' point for flexure, is placed closer to the reel allowing the tip joint more length for smoother 'action'. The tip joint measures 33-inches and the butt joint, 27 inches.

The 'Heddon Bass' decal looks good although it is missing the red Heddon lettering, still acceptable. In a 1909 ad, Heddon stated "We gaurantee the Dowagiac rod against breakage from any reasonable use."

The bamboo is near excellent, with no noticeable fishing set. The rod has been professionally refinished using mostly original specifications. New spar varnish with UV protection replaces the old crazed varnish ensuring many seasons of protection. The reel seat, butt cap, and ferrule could be polished should you so decide to remove the patina.

Use this beauty to wrestle in a Smallmouth bass or a Walleye - or just add an early level wind reel, some braided line and a red and white feathered 'Al Foss SHIMMY WIGGLER Lure' to make an impressive display. Very-good to excellent $

Heddon Dowagiac bait casting rod Heddon Dowagiac bait casting rod
Heddon Dowagiac bait casting rod Heddon Dowagiac bait casting rod Heddon Dowagiac baitcaster