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Montague "Osceola" Bait Casting rod.

0244: Montague "Osceola", Bait Casting rod (c1940), 42", 1 piece, 4-3/4 oz. 1-1/4" cork fore grip and 5" shaped cork rear grip are in reasonable condition and have been stabilized. The triggered slide-band reel seat is nickel plated and shows finish age. The singular guide is wrapped in red silk, sans tipping. There are numerous red silk intermediates with some green silk accent wraps, as designed. The guide and tiptop are Chrome plated and are sound. This rod comes in a custom made, labeled canvas bag. No tube.

The "Osceola" is shown in my 1939 Montague catalog at a suggested retail of $2.50. In today's money that would be $42.50. Even so it's doubtful that it was marketed to the serious Bass fisher - more likely as a child's fishing rod. Perhaps this is the reason that in over 35 years in this hobby this is the first example I have seen. If you are a Montague collector, fly, casting, or spinning rod, here is an opportunity to acquire a nice example of a very scarce split-bamboo bait caster! The Montague "Osceola" decal is nearly perfect having been protected under varnish for many years. Although the cork grip shows usage (small ding in the butt end), it is still respectable.

This is a scarce Montague bait casting rod and is thus worthy of some attention. Imagine a single-guide - split-bamboo, 3-1/2 foot casting rod that probably sold for under three dollar in the 1930s has survived all these years. I'm sure that a rod like this, most likely marketed as a toy to children, was subjected to more abuse than it deserved, yet here it remains, an example that is nearly as viable today as it was the day it was sold. Add this scarce model to your Montague collection and enjoy the bragging rights! Refinished. $90

Montague Osceola Montague Osceola
Montague Osceola Montague Osceola Montague Osceola
Montague Osceola