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Heddon Expert Model #125

[ SOLD ] 0246: Heddon, #125 Expert, Varnished 6-strip bamboo fly rod. 8-1/2', 2-1/2F, 3/1, 5-1/4 oz. for #6 line (HCH or D). Down-locking reelseat with gold finish hoods. "Pat.No.1807078" stamped into the knurled locking nut. Mahogany colored, marblized Pyralin (celluloid) reelseat barrel has minor marks. The 7" cigar shaped cork grip is in very good condition. Gold finish ferrules, gold plated snake guides, and black stipper guide. Canary yellow wraps. Wound-over hosel (winding check). No hook keeper - as issued.

The "Heddon Expert" name runs straight up the shaft. The model data "#125 - 8-1/2 -2 1/2F - HCH or D" runs straight up the shaft from the grip on an opposing single flat. Very good ferrule fit and all joints are the correct length with no bamboo damage. The mid male ferrule is a replacement. The rod comes in a very nice orginal Heddon, four-section, cloth bag with faded hang tag. A quality storage case is available.

This one tip "Bass weight" Heddon Expert has been professionally refurbished. The work included building a tip joint from new old stock bamboo and silk thread, and replacing the butt/mid joint ferrule station with machined nickel silver ferrules. The original guides were retained during refinishing with UV protective spar varnish. It was necessary to shortened both the butt and mid joints about one-inch each during ferrule replacement reducing the overall rod length by about two inches. Since the mid was shortened at the butt end the rod has maintained very good casting capability. I don't expect the repair to affect the line weight at all and the rod should still throw a DT5 or WF6 line very nicely.

If you are looking for a nicely refinished 8-1/2' Heddon Expert #125 at a bargain price, it will be tough to find a better deal. The Expert was originally sold exclusively through Sears, Roebuck & Co. Refinished VG. $

Heddon #125 bamboo fly rod Heddon #125 bamboo fly rod
Heddon #125 bamboo fly rod Heddon #125 bamboo fly rod
Heddon #125 bamboo fly rod