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Heddon #10 casting rod.

[ SOLD ] 0249: Heddon #10, 6-strip bamboo bait casting rod. 5', 2/1, 5oz. "Screw-lock" reel seat (PAT.NO.1624052) with a gorgeous swirled purple 'Heddylin' (plastic) barrel. Rear 4-1/2" cork grip is in the 'Tournament style' and the fore-grip is best described as a 2" 'Bulb', both from solid cork 1/2" rings. No hook-keep, as sold. Excellent bright chrome-plated heavy German silver ferrule. Red silk wraps tipped black, with red, black, and yellow intermediates and accents. All guides and tiptop are chrome with agate inserts. Staggered ferrule design, with a 35" tip joint and a 27" butt joint. Custom made, sectioned, labeled canvas bag available.

The staggered joint configuration was developed by Heddon to give shorter rods a fuller, smoother 'action'. The ferrule, being a stopping' point for flexure, is moved closer to the reel thus allowing the tip joint more length for flexure, i.e. 'action'.

The petite 'Heddon' name spirals up the rod while the model number is inked near the hosel. This model is sometimes referred to as "Irvin Cobb's Choice Bamboo Casting Rod" with the seldom seen 'Heddylin' reel seat barrel. This example was issued may have been issued in the mid to late 30s. I've seen ads (c.1922) for this rod listing it for $26 which would make it more than $300 in today's dollars!

The bamboo on this medium-weight rod is very straight, with hardly any fishing set. All the wraps, and intermediates are genuine silk. The rod is finished with several coats of spar varnish containing UV protection ensuring many seasons of protection. Excellent $

Heddon #10 bamboo bait casting rod
Heddon #10 bamboo bait casting rod
Heddon #10 bamboo bait casting rod Heddon #10 bamboo bait casting rod Heddon #10 bamboo bait casting rod Heddon #10 advertisement