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Heddon #8 one-piece casting rod.

0250: Heddon #8, "One-Piece", 6-strip bamboo casting rod. 4-1/2', 1 piece, 6oz. Excellent 'tournament pattern' 4-1/2" rear solid cork grip and 2" solid cork fore-grip (1/4" cork rings). Nickel-silver hosel (winding check). Nickel-silver reel seat marked "Heddon's Made In USA..." No hook-keep, as issued. Red silk wraps tipped black with medallion wraps between guides. All guides and tip top are nickel-silver with agate inserts.

The Heddon #8 is advertised as a one-piece bait caster, however, it has a detachable handle, so technically it could be considered a two-piece rod. The handle is made up from 1/4" cork rings, true provenance for it's age. Here's how a Heddon ad described this rod in 1927:"

Heddon 1 piece ad. 1927

The small Heddon name spirals up the rod and the model number is inked near the hosel. My guess, based on the lack of intermediates in favor of simple medallion wraps, is that this is a later issue at a time when the labor cost involved in wrapping the rods became an issue. Just my opinion.

All the wraps, guides. and tiptop, are original. The new spar varnish has UV protection, replacing the old blotchy and crazed varnish thus ensuring many seasons of protection.

Although the bamboo on this medium-weight rod is very nice and reasonably straight this vintage Heddon #8 rod has seen hard times and is now ferruled as a two-piece. The repair was professionally made using a heavy-walled rolled welt; nickel ferrule set and silk over-wraps. No longer a candidate for the purist collector it's still an attractive, vintage, fishing tool to enjoy while pond fishing for bluegill and crappie. Deemed scarce by my research, you might just want to preserve it by decorating your den or by filling the void in your Heddon collection until an intact example surfaces. Professionally refinished $105

Heddon #8 one-piece bamboo bait casting rod Heddon #8 one-piece bamboo bait casting rod
Heddon #8 one-piece  bamboo bait casting rod
Heddon #8 one-piece bamboo bait casting rod