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Heddon #10

0255: Heddon, #10, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 9', 3/2, 2-1/2F, for #6 line. 6-1/4 oz. Down-locking reelseat with "PAT.NO.1624052" stamped in the locking screw ring, ring and hoods in gun metal finish. Caramel marblized Pyralin (celluloid) spacer. Very good 6-3/4", solid cork ring 'cigar' grip. Bright nickel-silver rolled welt ferrules. Black snake guides and chrome stripper guide. Strap and ring hook keeper. Black/White Jasper wraps with no tipping. All four joints proper length and factory straight. Original unlabeled bag and unlabeled cardboard storage case.

This beautiful "Regular Bass or Dry Fly Trout" rod has new UV protective spar varnish finish. A beautiful example of a Heddon #10 split-bamboo fishing rod. The "Heddon" name spirals up the shaft while the model number is simply marked, #10, ahead of the hook keep windings. This suggests that this rod was likely produced in the early to mid 1930s. This rod could easily fit into a fine Heddon rod collection, or better yet do battle with some smallmouth bass on your favorite stream. Professionally refurbished to excellent condition. $275

Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod
Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod
Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod