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Shakespeare Model 1301-B 8-1/2'

0262: Shakespeare Model 1301-B. Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 8-1/2', 3/1 for #4/5 line, 6-1/2 oz. Down-locking nickel-silver slide band reel seat. Full Wells solid cork grip. Nickel-silver ferrules with rolled welts. Hardened steel snake guides, chrome stripper with agate insert. Guide wraps are Cherry-Red tipped green, ferrule wraps are green. No hook keeper. All joints are straight and proper length.

A nice example of a not too common, very early, quality Shakespeare model. According to Mary Kefover Keely's book -"U.S. Fishing Rod Patents and other Tackle", patent number 1,510,906 was issued to William Shakespeare, Jr. of Kalamazoo MI and assigned to the Shakespeare Company of Kalmazoo MI. The patent covers "tapered pocket and shoulder on bands" It was issued on Oct.7, 1924. The 6" full Wells grip and certain other details, lead me to believe that this rod was one of the Shakespeare company's mid 1920s offerings. A lightweight full-flex action rod with a slightly swelled butt joint.

The Shakespeare label is ~75% complete and is oriented perpendicular to the rod shaft. The model name and maker's name are stamped in the slide band for the reel seat and do not appear anywhere else on the rod. The full Wells grip is solid, complete, and clean. The reel seat has full raised rails and is stamped 'MADE IN U.S.A.' on the barrel. The slide band is stamped '1301-B 8 1/2', 'Shakespeare' (in script), 'MADE IN U.S.A.' and 'Pat. No.1.510.906'. That's a lot of information on a slide band! The patinated reel seat left as found.

The original tip jopint has not survived and has been replaced with a NOS bamboo section. The unusually small 10.5 tip joint ferrule male ferrule is a replacement. This professionally refurbished Model 1301-B comes in a custom labeled bag. A quality storage case is available. VG-Ex. $145

Shakespeare Model 1301-B fly rod. Shakespeare Model 1301-B fly rod.
Shakespeare Model 1301-B fly rod. Shakespeare Model 1301-B fly rod.
Shakespeare Model 1301-B fly rod.