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Montague, Rapidan

0281: Montague, Rapidan, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 9', 3/2 for #6 line. Very high quality full nickel-silver, 'Scrulock' reel seat. Excellent, 10" 'Torpedo', solid cork-ring grip. Heavy walled bronzed nickel-silver ferrules with soldered, and rolled welts. Black, hardened steel snake guides. Agate stripper guide, one agate tip top, one 'Perfection' style. Maroon wraps with Goldenrod tipping, Maroon intermediates and decorative medallion wrap near the 'Strap & Ring' open wound hook keeper. Custom made replacement cloth sleeve with my label. Good heavy cardboard storage tube, believed to be original.

This early example of a high grade Montague Rapidan fly rod is the seldom seen ten-inch grip configuration (circa 1934-1939), in excellent, professionally refinished condition. I've seen this extended length grip referred to as a 'Western' or 'Colorado' style cigar grip. Whatever you want to call it, it is comfortable in the hand and allows for changing the balance point while fishing. All joints are full lengths, with two nice straight tip joints. Beautiful, lightly flamed damage free split-bamboo throughout. The butt-joint ferrule does have a small hairline crack.

This one should hold some Montague collector interest. The hardware is bronzed nickel silver, the reel seat is the premium, full metal, fine thread 'Scrulock' design with knurled locking nut and machined slide ring. The aged varnish was replaced with new hand-applied UV resistant spar varnish. The wraps are all new, and duplicate the original color scheme and pattern. The rod has 50+ intermediate windings that are more decorative than functional. The partial Montague decal easily identifies the rod as a Rapidan model.

The advertising copy shown below is from a 1939 Montague catalog. Note that the $8.50 MSRP in 1939 would be $147.50 in 2016 dollars due to inflation alone. This gorgeous collector grade example of a seldom seen Montague Rapidan fly rod configuration is in excellent refinished condition. $170

Montague Rapidan bamboo fly rod. Montague Rapidan bamboo fly rod.

Montague Rapidan bamboo fly rod. Montague Rapidan bamboo fly rod. Montague Rapidan bamboo fly rod.

Montague Rapidan bamboo fly rod.

1939 Montague Rapidan 10 inch grip bamboo fly rod.