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Montague, Mt. Tom

[ SOLD ] 0289: Montague, Mt.Tom, Varnished 6 strip bamboo fly rod. 8-1/2', 3/1, for #6 line. 5-1/2 oz. Nickel slide ring over cedar barrel, 5-3/4" solid cork rings, cigar grip. Nickel silver rolled welt ferrules have patina. Hardened steel snake guides and oversized snake stripper guide. Maroon wraps sans tipping. Wound through strap & ring hookkeeper. Labeled cloth bag. A quality storage case is available.

Early example of the Mt. Tom model, built prior to hardware cost-cuts made by Montague. The butt and mid-joints are full length, while the tip-joint has been shortened by about two-inches. The winding check has a crack that is aesthetic only. The Montague 'Mt. Tom' decal is 95% complete. The only embellishment is three bands of wrap between the hook keeper wrap and the Montague decal.

The hardened steel snake guides are wrapped with Maroon thread. Now stripped of old varnish, heat straightened, and wearing a new coat of spar varnish, with a cleaned and stabilized cork grip. Here's a very low cost way to own a capable split-bamboo rod. This refurbished rod should fish well and, when not on the water, would make a tremendous display rod in your Den or Cabin! A fishable, great looking vintage split-bamboo fly rod for little money. Vg-Exc. $

0289a: Montague, Mt.Tom split-bamboo fly rod 0289b: Montague, Mt.Tom split-bamboo fly rod
0289c: Montague, Mt.Tom split-bamboo fly rod 0289d: Cloth sleeve
0289e: Montague, Mt.Tom split-bamboo fly rod