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Heddon #10

[ SOLD ] 0299: Heddon, #10, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 8-1/2', 2F, 3/2, for #6 line. 4-3/4 oz. Nickel-silver down-locking reelseat with PAT.#1807078 stamped in the screw ring. Cream marblized Pyralin (celluloid) spacer. 7" very good 'cigar', solid cork, grip. Bright nickel, rolled welt ferrules. Black stainless steel snake guides and a carbide stripper guide. Open wound strap and ring hook keeper. Black & White Jasper with Gold tipping. Very good, original segmented and labeled 'Heddon' cloth sleeve with illegible hang-tag. A quality storage case is available.

All joints are full length and straight. This rod is a revial of a mid 1930's 'Heddon #10' rod. The blonde cane of the butt joint is contrasted by browntone mid and tip joint replacements. There is no assurance that any replacement parts are original material, nor that they will function as if they were, although the rod has been cast and checked out for action. The 'Heddon' name spirals up the blank and the model number is discreetly lettered just above the hook keeper. These characteristics date the butt joint to the period of 1935 to 1938. To distinguish this hybrid from an all original, the guide wraps purposely differ from the Maroon & Green normally found on a model #10 of that era. Varnish is all new UV resistant spar varnish and all wraps and guides are new.

A nice example of a fully capable, rescued Heddon #10 split-bamboo fishing rod at a very reasonable price. Add this fully reconditioned, shorter-length 'Heddon' to your arsenal at less than half the cost of a rod refinish alone. Very-good to excellent. $

Heddon #10 split-bamboo fly rod Heddon #10 split-bamboo fly rod
Heddon #10 split-bamboo fly rod Heddon #10 split-bamboo fly rod Heddon #10 split-bamboo fly rod
Heddon #10 split-bamboo fly rod