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Heddon, #10

0311: Heddon, #10, Varnished 6-strip bamboo fly rod. 9-1/2', 2-1/2F, 3/1, for #7 line (GBG or C). 6-1/4 oz. "Hold-Tite", full nickel reel seat with down-locking screw band, stamped "Pat.". Excellent 6-3/4" Half-Wells solid cork-ring grip. Japanned Nickel-silver ferrules. Black, hardened-steel snake guides, nickel stripper guide with Agate insert. Dark red wraps tipped Green. Wound-over hosel (winding check) and wound through strap and ring hook keeper.

All of the original factory script is crisp and present on the shaft and runs axially up the shaft rather than spiraling around it, indicating a post 1950 build era. All joints proper length and straight. The rod is supplied in its original segmented cloth bag, and original factory labeled heavy card-stock case with screw cap.

The extra length of this 9-1/2 footer lets you finesse a drag-free dry fly, guide a streamer through a tumbling riffle, or reach that elusive fish feeding at a greater distance. A beautiful "Browntone" Heddon rod, with several guides professionally rewrapped. This is a very nice longer length Heddon fly rod with no evidence of damage to any of the bamboo. This lovely example qualifies as a collector, and is sure to please. Excellent, $275.

Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod
Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod
Heddon #10 bamboo fly rod