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Heddon #14

0313: Heddon, #14, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 9', 3/2, 2-1/2F, #6 line, 5-1/2 oz. Blackened Nickel-silver down-locking reelseat hardware with "PAT#1624052" stamped on the locking screw ring. Maroon colored, marblized, Pyralin (celluloid) spacer. 6-3/4" Half-Wells cork grip. Nickel-silver ferrules with soldered ring welt. Bronzed snake guides and a bronzed stripper guide with agate insert. Red wraps. The winding check is wound-over while the strap and ring hookkeeper is open wound.

With a 19/64th butt to mid ferrule this rod looks to be 'Bass/Heavy Trout' model. The #14 model number is written on the shaft immediately above the hook keeper while the "Heddon" name spirals up the shaft. These markings point to an early to mid 30's vintage rod, before the model names were placed on the shaft.

All four joints are full length and very straight. The rod is supplied in its original cloth sleeve and the original 'Heddon' aluminum tube that has the 'Heddon' name stamped in the screw cap.

This is a nice, early issue, 'Heddon, Browntone' rod. A couple guides have been re-wrapped. High quality early 'Heddon' rods are becoming difficult to locate. This nice, two-tip early version is offered in very-good-plus condition at $395

Heddon, #14 bamboo fly rod Heddon, #14 bamboo fly rod
Heddon, #14 bamboo fly rod Heddon, #14 bamboo fly rod
Heddon, #14 bamboo fly rod