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Heddon #14

0376: Heddon, #14, varnished 6-strip bamboo fly rod. 9', 3/1, 2-1/2F. 5-5/8 oz. Gunsmoke hardware, down-lock reelseat hardware over caramel colored tenite spacer. Knurled down-locking screw ring stamped 'Pat. No.1624052'. Excellent 6-3/4" half-Wells scork grip. Japanned nickel silver ferrules. Bronzed snake guides. Nickel silver stripper guide with genuine Agate insert. Garnet wraps tipped Black. Mid-butt, R-B-R, three wrap medallion as made. Open wound strap and ring hook keeper, wound over Hosel (winding check). Segmented cloth sleeve is like new and thought to be original, although there is no hang tag. Very good, high-quality aluminum storage case with screw-top closure.

All joints proper length and straight. "Heddon" spirals upward around the shaft, while the model number is neatly scripted just about the hook keeper most likely dating this rod to the 1927-36 era. Moderately swelled butt and excellent solid cork-rings grip with no hook damage.

All components on this rod are completely original - grip, fittings, wraps and markings. The rod has been fished but has been taken care of and looks new. The varnish was rubbed and a light overcoat of UV resistant Spar Varnish hand applied making this rod look as new. This single-tip "Heddon" #14 can be a prized addition to your "Heddon" collection, or you can take it fishing for that trophy Bass. Very-good to Excellent. $285

Heddon #14, split-bamboo fly rod. Heddon #14, split-bamboo fly rod.
Heddon #14, split-bamboo fly rod. Heddon #14, split-bamboo fly rod.
Heddon #14, split-bamboo fly rod.