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Lyon & Coulson, Regent 'R-123' bamboo fly rod.

0422: Lyon & Coulson, Regent R-123, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 9', 3/2, for #5/6 wt. Rod with seat 6.5 oz. All original hardware with an excellent, down-locking Walnut reelseat. PAT. NO. 1624052. Excellent 6-1/2", 'Western' reverse 'half-Well' cork grip. Strap & Ring hook keeper and wrapped over hosel. Hardened steel snake guides and blackened 'Perfection' style tip tops. Blackened Nickel-silver stripper guide with genuine Agate insert. The 'Japanned' nickel-silver ferrules have no cracks or dents and 'pop' when seperated. Brown guide wraps sans tipping, wrapped over ferrules.

The L&C rod was built by 'Heddon' and sourced to 'L&C' as a trade rod. The "Regent R-123" model was the third most expensive model in the series and is said to be equivalent to the "Heddon, Model 35". In my opinion, the 'L + C REGENT' identification markings are not by the hand that lettered 'Heddon' labeled rods. The 'maker/model' identification on the shaft is in less than elegant block letters written with Black ink.

All joints are the proper length and factory straight. Assembled, the rod shows little sagging. The rod comes with the original unmarked sleeve. Ferrule sizes are 20/13 denoting a heavy Bass or dry fly Trout rod. The factory issue aluminum storage case has the original, faded, factory label with enough lettering still readable to allow identification.

After removal of a well intended but poorly executed varnish overcoat, and replacement of several suspect snake guides, a hand applied coat of Spar varnish makes the rod look close to new. Collect this scarce Heddon issue or take it out and fish it with a bug or streamer as it was intended to do. Very-good - Excellent. $395.

Lyon & Coulson, Regent R-123 Lyon & Coulson, Regent R-123
Lyon & Coulson, Regent R-123
Lyon & Coulson, Regent R-123