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Rod Building
Fly Fishing
Spin Fishing
Fly tying
Bait fishing
Fish Ident

Reference books

fish book image fish book image 4162: Best of the Planning Form, Compiled and edited by R.J. Barch and Robert Mc Keon. Copyright 1997, New. $165

fish book image 4147: Montague Rods, catalog #39, reproduction catalog by Centennial Publications, Grand Junction Colorado. New, softcover, no dustjacket, Not for Sale #P98010-ABV14035

fish book image 4127: Getting Out of Outdoor Trouble,'The Lifesaving Handbook on Dealing With Emergencies... for Careful Families. Outdoorsmen, Boaters, Vacationers.' W.K. Merrill Copyright 1965. VG+ $8

fish book image 4122: Fishcraft, A Treatise on Fresh Water Fish and Fishing. Will Wildwood, Copyright 1922, published in 1924. $13

fish book image fish book image 4095: Practical Fishing Knots,1972 Lefty Kreh & Mark Sosin 160 pages, Nick Lyons Books. Cardboard softcover. 7x10”. Clean and sound pages, no marks. Great reference book for knots, lines and splices. SC, VG $8

fish book image 4073.25: A new technique in FISHING. Deep trolling with fine wire line. Fred Streever. Feb. 1949. Excellent SOLD

fish book image 4060: Old Fishing Lures and Tackle. 1996, fourth edition. Carl F. Lucky. 618 pages. First Edition. 20 Pages in full color. Published by 'Books Americana Inc'. Soft Cover. ISBN# 0-89689-117-8. Ex $50

fish book image 4051: Classic Bamboo Rodmakers Past and Present. 1992. Dick Spurr. 194 pages. First Edition, leatherette soft cover. Published by Centenial Publications. ISBN #9629439-5-9, SC, New $270.

fish book image fish book image 4045: Classic Rods and Rodmakers, Martin J. Keane. 1976. 246 pages. Published by Classic Publishing Co. ISBN #0-87691-178-5. HC,DJ both Like New. $350.

fish book image 4040: Colorado Classic Cane, A History of Colorado Bamboo Rod Makers. 1991. Dick Spurr & Michael Sinclair. First Edition. 168 pages. Paperback book. ISBN #0-9629439-1-6SC. (small front cover crease) New $265.

fish book image 4037: U.S. Fishing Rod Patents and Other Tackle, Mary Kefover Kelly. 1990. ISBN: 0-9620155-2-0. Published by ‘The Thomas B. Reel Co.’ 104 pages. Edition limited to 750 numbered copies, yet this copy without a number. HC, New (with shelf rubs) $100.

fish book image 4004: Fishing Secrets of the Experts, Vlad Evanoff, 1962, Doubleday HC, DJ, Very good. $10.

fish book image 4005: Fishing Secrets of the Experts, Vlad Evanoff, 1962, Doubleday HC, DJ, Very Good. $14.fish book image

This rare 4-page marketing advertisment is included. (NEW - tri-fold)

fish book image 4011: The Treasury of Angling, Larry Koller, 1963, Library of Congress Card #62-15425, DJ has small tears, HC book is exc. $13.50.

fish book image fish book image 4001: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fishing. Silvia Calabi, ISBN 0-8050-1989-8, HC, DJ, New. $24.

fish book image fish book image 4002: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fishing. Silvia Calabi, ISBN 0-8050-1989-8, HC, DJ, New. $24.

fish book image 4038: How the Experts Catch Trophy Fish, 1969. Heinz Ulrich. 194 pages. A.S. Barnes & Co. London. HC,LN $10.


fish book image 4016: Hunting and Fishing, 1943. Cool war era outdoor magazine. SC, G $18.

fish book image 4048: From Hook to Table. 1974, Vic Dunaway, First Printing 1974. Signed by the author. 150 pages. Macmilllan Publishing Co.Inc. NY. HC. LN, $55.

fish book image fish book image 4166:Fishing in America, Charles F. Waterman, Copyright 1975. $6

fish book image fish book image 4157: Slim and Corkey go fishing. Cecilia and Jean Hinde. $13

fish book image 4148.75: Tale of the Elk, W.E.R.Byrne, copyright 1940, $

fish book image 4149: Fishless Days, Angling Nights, Sparse Grey Hackle. 1971, $6

fish book image 4145: How to Fish Good, by Milford (Stanley) Poltroon, "Non-Nobel prize winning author of no other books whatsoever". Winchester Press:NY, copyright 1971. $35

fish book image 4143: Fishin' Around, Burton Spiller, drawings by Milton C. Weiler, forward by H.G. Tapply, copyright 1974 $50

fish book image 4026: Fishing Moments of Truth, 1973. Peper and Rikhoff, 207 pages. Owner’s name neatly penciled inside front cover. HC, VG, $6.

fish book image 4119: Fishing for Fun and To Wash Your Soul, Herbert Hoover, edited by William Nichols. 1963 first printing. $13

fish book image 4029: Uncle Hugh a fishing story, 1978. Rita Golden Gelman and Warner Friedman. A Weekly Reader Book for children. HC, LN w/soiled covers, $5.

fish book image 4100: Fishin’ Around, Burton L. Spiller, forward by H.G.Tapply. HC, clipped DJ. $64

fish book image 4099: Never Sniff a Gift Fish, Patrick E. McManus, author of ‘They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They?’ $8

fish book image 4067: Fishing, with Maury Delman, Circa 1991. 31 pages. Published by The National Research Bureau, Inc., Chicago. Paper Pamphlet. Like New $12

fish book image 4078: Fishing with McClane, 30 Years of Angling With America's Foremost Fisherman, 1974, edited by George Reiger, Book is like new HC, DJ is fair. $18

fish book image 4079: The Philosophical Fisherman, Harold F. Blaisdell,1969. Published by Houghton Mifflin co., First Printing. HC book LN, DJ few small edge chips. $22.

fish book image 4086: The Fishing Dictionary, Everything you”ll say about the one that got away. Carl G. Moore. B&W cartoons and fishing jokes. 72 pages. A Shoebox Greetings Book (Hallmark) Good. $6

fish book image 4087: Fly Fishing #@%&*!, John Troy, 1985, Signed by the author, in ink, in 1985 on the first page. Cardboard Soft cover. ~ 70 pages (un-numbered) VG-E $16

fish book image fish book image 4084: A Wedding Gift, John Taintor Foote, 1924. 63 delightful reading pages! Published by D. Appleton and Company, New York-London, Protective plastic cover over LN DJ, 5-1/4 x 7-1/2” HC Like new. $52

fish book image 4085: The Contemplative Angler 1948, Roy Wall.215 pages. VG+ HC $9

fish book image 4076: Fifty Years a Fisherman, Memoirs of an Angling Man. Richard Gordon. 1985. 110 pgs. ISBN#0-245-54283-3, Printed by Harrap, London. HB 6x8-1/2" Ex $35.

fish book image 4053: Full Creel. 2000. Nick Lyons. 509 pages. First Edition. Dust jacket rippled on lower front. Published by Atlantic Monthly Press,NY. HC. ISBN# 0-87113-813-1. New $9

fish book image 4043: Anglers All, John Taintor Foote. Copyright 1921-1947. Published by ‘D. Appleton-Century Co. Inc.’, NY & London. 212 pages. Faded HC, No DJ $60.

fish book image 4010: Betty's horse stops short. Like new.

fish book image 4030: Popeye Goes Fishing, 1980. Wonder Books. Charles Spain Verral. SC, VG, $6.

fish book image 4031: Fisherman’s Laugh Book, 1973. ~64 pages of fishing jokes and cartoons. SC, LN, $12.

Rod Building

fish book image 4151: Amateur Rodmaking, Frazer, Perry D., Copyright 1914 and 1942, $35

fish book image 4152: Amateur Rodmaking, Frazer, Perry D., Copyright 1914, $35

fish book image 4153: Amateur Rodmaking, Frazer, Perry D., Copyright 1914, $35

fish book image 4154: Amateur Rodmaking, Frazer, Perry D., Copyright 1914, $35

fish book image 4155: Amateur Rodmaking, Frazer, Perry D., Copyright 1914, $35

fish book image 4156: Fly-Rods and Fly Tackle, H.P.Wells. Copyright 1901, $65

fish book image 4102: How to Make Your Own Fishing Rods, Mel Marshall. 1978. An Outdoor Life Book, VG. $6

fish book image fish book image 4096: A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Flyrod. Everett Garrison & Hoagy B. Carmichael. 1st edition 1st printing. HC, DJ. Like New $145.

fish book image 4081: Amateur Rodmaking, Perry D. Frazer, 1944 reprint of 1914. 220 pages. Published by The McMillan Co. Worn cover, good reading copy, HC, Good. $15

fish book image 4056: The Custom Graphite Fly Rod. 1989. Skip Morris. 105 pages. First Edition. Dust jacket torn at upper rear corner. Published by Nick Lyons Books. HC. ISBN# 1-55821-011-3. Ex $16

fish book image 4055: Fiberglass Rod Making. 1974. Dale P. Clemons. 189 pages. First Edition. Dust jacket plasic is clouded. Published by Winchester Press, NY. HC. ISBN# 0-87691-136-X. EL, good copy. $5

fish book image 4041: How To Make Bamboo Fly Rods, 1977. George W. Barnes, 110 pages. Published by “Winchester Press”, ISBN #0-87691-237-4 Small repair to DJ, otherwise new $65.

fish book image 4042: The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod, Stuart Kirkfield. 1986 first edition. 191 pages. Stackpole Books HC, DJ, Absolutely New, ISBN #0-8117-0838-1, $350.

fish book image 4024: Custom Rod Thread Art, 1982. Dale P. Clemens, HC,DJ, New, $25.

fish book image 4025: Rod Crafting, 2005. Jeffrey Hatton, 306 pages, 500+ full color photos. The quantity and quality of these rod photos is amazing. There's a lot to learn from just looking at the absolutely beautiful rod photos. SC, New, $32.

fish book image 4009: A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Flyrod. Everett Garrison & Hoagy B. Carmichael. 1st edition 1st printing, ISBN 0-8117-0352-5. #P13036. HC, DJ has a number of tears, Very Good. $90.

fish book image
4052: Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook. 1994, Michael Sinclair, 208 pages. Spiral bound softcover. FIRST EDITION, FIRST PRINTING, original sealed plastic wrapper, never opened. Published by Centenial Publications. ISBN# 1-882418-11-5. Absolutely NEW $315.

Fly Fishing

fish book image 4170: Currents and Eddies, William J. Schaldach. Published by A.S. Barnes and Company, New York, 1944. First printing. Printing limited to 5000 copies. First edition, 1944. $35

fish book image 4163:Fly Fisherman's Complete Guide to... Fishing With the Fly Rod. Codres, Kreh, Lyons, and a host of others, plus the staff of Fly Fishing Magazine. Edited by Don Zahner. Copyright 1978, 1st edition. $8

fish book image 4142: The complete book of Fly Fishing, Joe Brooks, copyright 1958. $6

fish book image 4140: Fly Casting, The Barnes Sports Library Gilmer George Robinson, A.S. Barnes & Co, Copyright 1942. $12

fish book image 4133: Learn How to Fly Fish in One Day, Sylvester Nemes, Softcover ~ 6 x 9 ", 124 pages. Stackpole Books, copyright 1986. EX $12

fish book image 4071: Weber Moviegram Method of Fly Casting Instructions. Complete in this book. Eighth Edition. VG+ $22

fish book image 4058:The complete book of Modern Fly Fishing. 1979. Edited by Larry Solomon. 288 pages. Published by DBI Books Inc. ISBN# 0-695-81312-9. Tanned pages. Well read but clean and sound copy. Softcover VG $8

fish book image
4054: Friends on the Water, fly fishing in good company. 2007, R. Valentine Atkinson. $35.

fish book image 4044: Practical Dry-fly fishing, Copyright 1912. Emlyn M. Gill, 216 pages plus 17-page introduction. Published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, 1925. HC. Edge staining. (not an ex-library copy). VG $210.

fish book image 4015: Fly-Rod Casting, Leonard, J. Edson, 95 pg.s, 1953, HB, DJ. Ex-library. VG. $18.

fish book image 4003: Fly Fishing for Pan Fish, John W. Malo, HC,DJ, LN. $9.

fish book image 4020: The Fly Rod for Bass, Cal Johnson, 1938, published by Outdoor Life, SC, VG, $13.

Spin Fishing

fish book image fish book image 4118.30: The Modern Science of SPIN FISHING, Erne St.Claire. Copyright 1961, 1st edition. SOLD

fish book image 4106: Spinning for Salt Water Game Fish, Joseph. D. Bates, Jr., Illustated by Jack Murray. 1957, 1st edition. Hard Cover. $6

fish book image 4075: Fresh and Salt Water FISHING. No. 17, Stanco's Sports Library. 1968, 82 pages. #E00004. 8-1/2x11" Magazine format. Fair $8.

fish book image 4034: Spin-Fishing, a complete guide to – in salt and fresh water. 1954-1963. Ray Ovington, 126 pages. Paperback book. SC, VG, $9.

Fly Tying

fish book image fish book image 4164: Fly Tying, John F Mckim. Copyright 1982, 3rd printing 1985. $8

fish book image 4126: A Book of Trout Flies, Preston J. Jennings. Copyright 1935, Derrydale Press. EX. $175

fish book image 4113: Professional Fly Tying Manual, George Leonard Herter, Copyright 1941, second edition. $10

fish book image 4098: Fly Dressing, David J. Collier, forward by Richard Walker. Intro by Surrey Reigate.1975 HC,DJ. Book and DJ Very Fine $5.

fish book image 4089: The Fisherman’s Handbook of Trout Flies, Daniel Du Bois. 1960. Third printing May 1964. A Ba-zillion flies are described in great detail for the tyer. A.S.Barnes and Company, Inc. London. HB, Ex Library! But clean and sound. Dust jacket protected by plastic covering. $20.

fish book image 4059: The Off-Season Angler. 1985. Gary L. Saindon. 94 pages. Forward by Gary LaFontaine. First Edition. Well illustrated book with plans for woodworking; especially for fly fishers. Published by Gary L. Saindon. SC. ISBN# 0-934318-53-0. LN. $30

fish book image fish book image 4046: The Trout Fly Dresser’s Cabinet of Devices. 1921 Fifth Edition, H.G. McClelland. 80 illustrations. Published by offices of the “Fishing Gazette”, London, 140 pages. Owner’s stamp and signatures. Faded HC. VG, #P91005. $32.

fish book image 4013: Fly Patterns and their Origin, Smedley, Harold Hinsdill, 1943. $150.

fish book image 4008: Make Your Own Flies and Lures, Mel Marshall,ISBN 0308-10290-8, HC, DJ, Like new. $12.


fish book image 4167:The Complete Fisherman's Catalog, Harmon Henkin, edited by William T Vaughn, copyright 1977, 1st edition. VG+ $6

fish book image 4116: Fishing for the Millions, Mortimer Norton, Horrock-Ibbotson, Copyright 1947, $35

fish book image 4171.12: Len Codella's Sporting Collectables Catalog. Winter 2002 edition. SOLD

fish book image fish book image 4072: When & Where to FISH., Publication 121 (R184). For the Ohio collector. $16

fish book image fish book image 4070.60: Everything for Sportsmen, The Powell-McIntyre Sporting Goods Co. Colorado Springs. Edited by Otis E. McIntyre, 1916. Extremely RARE catalog. Excellent. $POR

fish book image 4061: Fishing "How, When & Where". 1933. Robert Kelly. 47 pages. First Edition. Published by Keyy-Mohr Co., Detroit Mich. SC. ISBN# 0-87113-813-1. New $22.

fish book image 4062: Scott, High Performance Handcrafted Fly Rods Catalog. 1991. Robert Kelly. 47 pages. First Edition. Published by Keyy-Mohr Co., Detroit Mich. SC, New. $24.

fish book image fish book image 4063.4:Dale D. Schoch Rod Co. Catalog Circa 1991. Tri-fold circular. 6 pages. Classic, Nodeless, Quad Bamboo rods. Guide Service. Price list. Paper. New. SOLD

fish book image 4064: Ed Lane & Co., Inc. Catalog, Wyoming, NY. Circa 1991. Two-sided ad. folded sheet. 8-1/2x11". Lane's 'SLIDE-O-BOB' float. Lane's "NEW" ATOMIC WOBBLERS Red Glass eyed spoons. Price list. Good research paper. New $2.

fish book image fish book image 4065: Popular Netcraft, H.T. Ludgate. 72 pages. 7th edition. 1948. Intro by Frank R. Steel. Published by Netcraft Company, Toledo, Ohio. Profusely illustrated with instructions for making ALL types of nets, knots. SCARCE SC. New. $28.fish book image

fish book image 4033: Fishing for the millions, 1947. A Horrocks Ibbotson book by Mortimer Norton. “Old Hi’s Fishing Book” 127 pages. SC, VG $12.

fish book image 4027: Winston, catalog 1996. Outfitter’s label on front cover, approximately 30 pages. Introduction by David Ondaaije. Four pages about bamboo fly rods. Black and white, and color photos throughout. SC, New, $45.

fish book image 4012: Max Cook catalog, 1942. 16080 Glenarm St, Denver, Colo. Minor small tears, SC. Full page ads for Granger (color) and Heddon Bamboo fly rods. VG+ $90.

fish book image fish book image 4021: Fish and feel fit! SouthBend Tackle Co. 1936. $125.

fish book image fish book image 4022: Weber of Stevens Point. Wis, 1937 No.18. Color Catalog, 78 pages. Owner's name. SC. VG, $94.

fish book image fish book image 4023: Pflueger Supplement No. 625 to Fishing Catalog No 53, 1933. Included is the RARE supplement and catalog NET PRICE LIST. After 80+ years the pages have aged but remain like new. $40. fish book image


Bait Fishing

fish book image 4139: Bait Casting, 'The Barnes Sports Library, Gilmer Robinson M.S. Copyright 1941, $8

Fish Identification

fish book image 4130: How to know, The Freshwater Fishes. Samuel Eddy, Professor of Zoology,University of Minnestota. 253pgs. Copyright 1957 by H. E. Jaques. VG $13.

fish book image 4121: Sportman's Guide to Game Fish, Byron Dalrymple, Outdoor Life Books, 4th printing - 1974 $12

fish book image fish book image 4088: The Concise illustrated Book of Freshwater Fish, Trevor Housby.1990. 46 pages. A Gallery Book. "concise descriptions of 40 of the major North American and European freshwater fish… such as the Sturgeon. ... each entry is llustrated with a full color artwork and photograph”. VG-E $16

fish book image 4066: Sports Afield Collection of Know Your Fish, Tom Dolan. 1960. ~56 pages. First Edition. Skads of color drawings of fish. Published by Hearst Corporation for Sports Afield. SC. Slight dog-ear crease, top front cover and first two pages, otherwise like new $10

fish book image 4039: Familiar Freshwater Fishes of America. 1964, Howard T.Walden, 2d., 324 pages. HC DJ has edge chips. VG $15.


fish book image 4158: The Compleat Brown Trout, Cecil E Heacox. Illustrations by Wayne Trimm. $22

fish book image fish book image 4128: The Lure and Lore of Trout Fishing, Alvin R Grove, Jr. Copyright 1951, by The Stackpole Company. Overall VG $34

fish book image fish book image 4117: How To Catch Salmon, advanced techniques. Charles White & guest authors. Copyright 1974,1978, 'Saltaire Publishing Ltd, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.' Softcover VG-EX. $10

fish book image fish book image 4114: Fly Fishing For Trout, Salmon, Bass and Panfish. Frank R. Steel. Copyright 1946. $12

fish book image 4109: Trout, Ray Bergman. 1952. No DJ. VG. $10

fish book image 4110: Natural Fresh Water Fishing Baits, Vlad Evanoff. The Barnes Sports Library. Copyright 1952 Ex Library. Fair. $8.

fish book image 4111: Just Fishing, Ray Bergman, SIGNED BY AUTHOR. 1940 Special Edition. No Dust Jacket. VG-EX. $22

fish book image 4092: Fly Fishing For Trout, Richard Salmon 1952. ROD & GUN ROOM LIBRARY. 240 pages. Greenberg : Publisher. Ex Library Copy. Good sound pages, no marks. A reader, That’s all! Mylar covered DJ. HC. G, $8.

fish book image 4036: Rising Trout, Charles K. Fox. 1967-1978 second edition. 271 pages. HC, DJ, LN $20.

fish book image 4035: Fishing for Trout, 1983/1992. Andy Gennaro, 2nd printing. 208 pages. Published by “The Fisherman Lirary” SC cover has many small dings near spine (small dog?), VG, $16.

fish book image 4028: Trout and how to catch them, 1976.2nd edition. Edited by Kenneth Mansfield, Angler’s library. 283 pages. HB, DJ, LN. $12.

fish book image 4006: Trout Chaser's Journal, Tully Stroud. 6-1/2x9-1/2" hardcover. Georgeous color illustrations. Sections to mark the seasons to create a diary for trout and salmon fisherman. ISBN 087701-404-3, No marks or writing. New. $22

fish book image 4019: Salmon Fishing, 1931. Eric Tavener & others. $75.


fish book image fish book image 4132: Muskie Fishing, Bert Claflin, First Edition, published by Alfred a. Knope, NY, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1948. Overall VG $120.

fish book image 4150: Muskie Fishing, Bert Claflin, First Edition, published by Alfred a. Knope, NY, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, Copyright 1948. VG+ $125.

fish book image 4168: The Fly Rod for Bass, Cal Johnson, copyright 1925,1928. $13

fish book image 4141: Fly Rodding For Bass, A.D. Livingston, 1976, 1st edition. $4

fish book image fish book image 4138: Complete book of Bass Fishing, Grits Gresham. copyright 1966, $9

fish book image fish book image 4134: Bass Guide to Fishing Lures, A how to book from B.A.S.S., Montgomery AL, Introduction by Ray Scott, President B.A.S.S., copyright 1973 $20

fish book image fish book image 4135: Complete book of Bass Fishing, Grits Gresham. Copyright 1966, $8

fish book image 4131: Book of The Black Bass, James A Henshall, M.D, A 1970 copy of the 1881 copyright issue. G $8

fish book image 4074: SpoonPlugging. Your guide to lunker catches. E.L."Buck" Perry. "The Daddy of Structure fishing". June 1974. VG-EX $56

Fishing Guides

fish book image 4165:Cannon's Guide to freshwater fishing with downriggers. Tom Huggler. VG+ $8

fish book image 4159: Frank Forester's Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen. Frank Forrester. Copyright 1873, revised edition. $34

fish book image 4160: Fresh Water Fishing, A Fisherman's Manual. Myron Shoemaker.$12

fish book image 4161: The Sportsman's Companion. Ted Janes, Henry Lyman, Clyde Ormond, Frank Woolner, Edited by Lee Wulff. Copyright 1968, 1st edition $8

fish book image 4136: Fishing for fun, 'Panfish and How to Catch 'em', Jack Van Coevering, Wildlife Editor, Detroit Free Press. Published for General Motors Men and Women by the Employee Relations Staff, GM INFORMATION RACK SERVICE. Copyright 1950 $POR.

fish book image 4146: Sportsman's Year Book, 1940. Softcover very nice condition. $10

fish book image 4144: Outdoor Life, Complete Book of Fresh Water Fishing, P.Allen Parsons, drawings by Ray Pioch, Harper & row; NY, copyright 1963, 32 chapters, plus knots and index. Black & white, plus color photos. Forward Ray Bergman, Hardcover faded. #98010, 332 pages. G+ $5

fish book image 4169: Sportsman's Year Book. Published by National Sportsman Inc., Boston Mass. Copyright 1940. $8

fish book image 4137: The Fisherman's Guide - to the Freshwater and Saltwater Gamefish of North America, by Robert Elman, 1977, EX $6

fish book image fish book image 4129: Angling "Know=How" Fresh and Salt Water, a handbook on Angling. Robert Walker, Copyright 1959. Like new, $45

fish book image 4124:Sportsman's Year Book, Copyright 1940.Good. $9

fish book image 4125: Hunting-Fishing and Camping, by L.L. Bean. 1942, VG+ $12

fish book image 4120: 1001 Fishing Tips and Tricks, Vlad Evonoff. Copyright 1966, $6

fish book image 4123: TRICKS and KNACKS of FISHING, The Horton MFG. Co. Bristol Conn. Copyright 1911. VG-EX $29

fish book image 4115: A Sportsman's Digest of Fishing, Hal Sharp , Copyright 1953, $9

fish book image 4112: Fishing North America, 1876-1910, compiled by Frank Oppel. Copyright 1986. Good. $8.

fish book image 4107: Complete Book of Fresh Water Fishing, P. Allen Parsons. Forward by Ray Bergman. Detailed drawings by Ray Pioch, copyright 1957, 17th printing, 1972. VG-EX. $5

fish book image fish book image 4108: Complete guide to Fishing across America. Joe Brooks. Dust Jacket is VG, book is EX. $6.

fish book image 4103: Fishing in American Waters, Genio C. Scott. 1989. HC with DJ, Exc. $6

fish book image 4104: The compact book of Fresh Water Fishing, Edited by Bob Zwirz. 1964. Soft Cover. $6

fish book image 4105: Fishing for Boys, Tom McNally, 1962, An 'All Star Books' publication. Pages good, else Poor $4

fish book image 4101: Fishing the Surf, Raymond R. Camp, Copyright 1940, 1950. Revised 1950 edition, illustrated by Luis M Henderson. 224 pages Ref.#P91004. HC, no DJ. VG $22

fish book image 4097: Fishing All Waters, Lake - Stream - Ocean. Len Cole, Galahad Books: NYC. Copyright 1973. HC. chipped, repaired DJ. Fair $10

fish book image 4093: The Sportsman’s Companion 1968. Ted James,Henry Lyman, Clyde Ormond and Frank Woolner. Lee Wulff; editor. First Edition. 413 pages. Private library sticker on front page. (may have come as part of book). Dust Jacket has a couple dings. Sound, no marks and clean HB, VG+ $8.

fish book image 4094: The Trout Fisherman’s Bible Dan Holland, 1962,Published by Doubleday & Co. NY.190 pages. Softcover 7-3/4 x 10”. Good $8

fish book image fish book image 4090: Hunting & Fishing, in North America, Michael Cramond with drawings by Olaus J Murie. 1953 by the Oklahoma University Press. Norman OK. 394 pages. 6-1/4 x 9-1/4”. Bookseller’s stamp on front page. Dozens of B&W photo pages. Sound HC book, fair DJ.$10

fish book image 4091: Sam Lovel’s Camps., Rowland E. Robinson, Ferrisburgh VT., 253 pg.s, 1889, By Forest and Stream Publishing Co. Tiny seller’s stamp inside front cover. 5-1/4 x 7-1/2” HB, VG-E $18.

fish book image 4082: Game Fish of The South, and How to Catch Them, 1935, L.S.Caine, "The most complete and up-to-date book for the Southern fisherman." Maps on inside covers. Published by Riverside Press, Cambridge Mass. 259 clean pages, HC VG+. $20

fish book image 4083: Fishing New Jersey Trout, with John A. Punola. 124 pages with 100's of B&W photos and sketches of lakes and streams in New Jersey. Published by ‘Outdoors USA Inc.’ First Edition SC, Stiff cardboard covers. New $65

fish book image 4080: The Angler’s Handbook, Samuel G. Camp, 1925, The Hunter-Trader-Trapper Co. Columbus, Ohio. 201 pages, plus 6 full page advertisments. HC, VG-Ex. $14.

fish book image 4077: Fresh-Water Fishing Complete. Edward C. Janes Published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1961. 1st edition. 265 pages with 16 pages of B/W glossy photos. Light green cover with white lettering on spine. Pencil writing on top first page, Fair. $9

fish book image 4068: The Field & Stream guide to FISHING, George Laycock. 1966. 127 pages. B&W photos and drawings. Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Cardboard covers paperback has never been opened up. New $20

fish book image 4069: Sportsman's Hunting Digest. Hal Sharp. 1956. 31 pages. Strewn with B&W drawings of tips for hunting, trapping, etc. Published by General Features Corporation & The National Research Bureau, Inc., Chicago. Hard to find paper pamphlet. EX $12

fish book image 4057: The Fresh Water Fisherman's Bible. 1979. Vlad Evanoff. 192 pages. Revised Edition. Published by DBI Books Inc. SC. ISBN# 0-385-14405-9. Well read but clean copy. $13

fish book image 4050: Great Fishing and Hunting Lodges of North America. 1984, A.J.McClane, 176 pages. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, NY. ISBN #0-03-061339-6. HC DJ has edge chips. VG, $10.

fish book image 4047: American Fish, and How To Catch Them - A Handbook for Fishing. By 'An Old Angler'. Copyright 1884. Published 1885 by Francis P. Harper, NY. 1st edition. Hardcover, overall good. $65.

fish book image 4032: 1953 Guide for Sport Fishermen, fresh water edition, 1953. Foster Publications. ~ 150 pages. Less common freshwater edition which includes ~ 40 page Directory of Lakes and Streams in CT,NJ,NY,PA.(states) Soft cover, VG, $40.

fish book image 4007: Sportsmen's Annual - 1938 edition, Thomas A. Blanchard - editor. $75.

Fishing Tackle!

fish book image 4049: Tackle Craft, 1974. C. Boyd Pfeiffer. 338 pages. Crown Publishers, NY. ISBN #0-517-506157. HC, VG, $8.

fish book image 4014: Fishing Tackle and Techniques,Dick Wolff, Director-Outdoor Writers Association of America. $15.

fish book image 4017: Fly Tackle, a guide to the tools of the trade. 1976. Harmon Henkin. Loads of helpful information that may help you avoid making costly mistakes when buying second-hand tackle. HB, DJ, LN. $10.

fish book image 4018: Fly Tackle, a guide to the tools of the trade. 1976. Harmon Henkin. Loads of helpful information that may help you avoid making costly mistakes when buying second-hand tackle. Stock photo, THIS COPY HAS NO DUST JACKET, HB, LN, $8.