Fishing rod repairs by Rodsmith Custom Fishing Rods

Note: We list some rods for customers that like to do repairs themselves. However, if the rod you've selected needs minor repairs, like adding a hook keeper, we can do the work for you reasonably. The rod can be ready to fish when it arrives!

That rod you inherited from your Elders is no raving beauty but it’s priceless as a family heirloom. The problem is that it has seen better days and needs a little TLC.

We can help.

Let us replace those broken or missing guides and tip tops, replace frayed or missing wraps or rewrap the entire rod to bring back its classic looks. We can even do more advanced repairs such as fixing or replacing battered cork grips, replacing broken reel seats, repairing or replacing cracked, bent, or missing ferrules.

Maybe you just need a protective sleeve to store or transport your fishing rods - we can custom make a classic style sleeve in duck canvas to fit your fishing rod. We may even have a new 'Landmark’ brand aluminum storage tube to fit your treasure.

We rehabilitate not only split bamboo, but also fiberglass and graphite. We can even repair many rods that have been snapped into more pieces than the original design called for. As long as you have kept the pieces, chances are we can fix that. The finished repair will function as before, although the repair will be visible.

If the cork grip is too short for inshore flounder we can extend the handle. If you would rather your one-piece rod become a more transportable two-piece rod we can add a ferrule. If you need an extra guide or even a hook keeper we can help there too.

Not all rods will become optimum fishing tools as a result, but almost all should be worthy of display in your den or game room. Certainly you will be proud to hand them down to your grandchildren.

If you would like a free evaluation and repair estimate then contact us and provide some details and we'll see what can be done to breathe new life into your treasure. repair services. Contact us!