Rodsmith Custom Fishing Rods: RETURNS

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General Thoughts.

The term ORIGINAL, when used in a listing, indicates the general condition of the item when I evaluated it. That is to say that no major modifications have been made to the original format. This does not apply to thread colors or finish. Please keep in mind that most bamboo rods are "veterans" and as such will show the effects of ageing. Bamboo can take a set and unless significant will not be noted here. Bamboo, being a natural grass, is subject to natural variations so expect this when evaluating 10 100+ year old fishing rods.

Antique hardware tarnishes and flakes and that should be expected. Varnish overcoats cover rod and wraps and are frequently encountered with vintage bamboo. In fact manufacturers used to recommend applying a coat of varnish periodically - no more. My descriptions and images are meant to give you a sense of overall appearance and condition. What you see is what you get since the images are of the item for sale. Ask questions if there is a feature you are not comfortable with.

Please realize that many rod descriptions rely on the maker/manufacturer specifications. Resets and/or ferrule-fit will affect the actual assembled length of the rod. Some makers report weight without the reel seat installed.

Policy and procedure.

I allow you three business days (from the USPS tracking delivery date) to inspect the item and verify that it meets the listing description. If the item IS NOT as described, I will refund the entire purchase price plus return postage upon satisfactory return of the item. It is your responsibility to provide mandatory insurance coverage, which is the greater of the selling price or $201.

In the event the item DOES meet the description but is simply not what you wanted I will accept its return for refund minus a 15 percent restocking fee, plus any repair costs. I do not refund your return postage or insurance fees in this instance.

The re-stocking fee covers initially processing and delivery effort, plus the time required to inspect and relist the item.

IMPORTANT: All repair costs required to return the item to the original pre-sale condition will be deducted from the refund total. Should a 'balance due' occur, you will receive an explanation and a bill.

You must notify me prior to returning the item to allow me to try and resolve any issues. Returns must be postmarked within five business days of your date of receipt as shown on the USPS tracking site. In addition, the item must be returned in the same condition as delivered to you and re-packaged in the same material and manner as it was delivered to you. You must send the item back postpaid and insured at your expense.

Refund will be via personal check for the selling price minus any restocking and repair costs, and postage if applicable.